Protocol Governance

Protocol Governance Voting Guideline

Requirements & Settings#

The Governance Voting process has the following requirements to ensure the validity of the votes:

  • Proposal threshold : 100 BSDS for the vote to show on the platform
  • Vote length: a vote should last for at least 4 Epochs
  • Minimum Quorum: 15% of the DAO must vote on the proposal

How to submit a proposal#

Please follow the following steps to ensure the community is informed about the changes and its rationale to consider and vote for your proposal:

  1. Create a post at Proposals channels on, following the structure of previous BDIP posts on the forum.
  2. Share the post at BasisDollar discord’s governance channel and the telegram community
  3. Once you have received all the feedback and ready, go to and create New Proposal
  4. Inform the discord and telegram community about the new proposal
  5. After a successful vote, contact any of the discord or telegram admins to arrange for the action if any.