Launch Strategy

Basis Dollars (BSD) do not have any pre-allocations for the founding team, nor any external investors. BSD are instead distributed to users who perform actions beneficial to the network.

Fair, open distribution of the entire token BSD supply is advantageous to the protocol's long-term success, rewarding those with a stake in the network, instead of investors/speculators targeting short-term profits. Moreover, distributing BSD rewards provides a strong financial incentive for network bootstrapping, boosting adoption via network effects. For example, rewards given to Basis Dollar liquidity providers prevent Basis Dollar from becoming significantly devalued, something that can be detrimental for the network.

Furthermore, a total of 1 million BSDS will be generated. 100k BSDS will be allocated to the team and 100k for the DAO fund which will be decided entirely by the community. The funds will be vested linearly over 12 months.