Basis Dollar Improvement Proposals

Where can I access all the Basis Dollar Improvement Proposals?#

All proposals can be found at

How do I submit a proposal?#

Preferably, you share your proposal idea in telegram and discord beforehand first. This allows all potential proposals to go through a pre-proposal discussion first. This type of discussion helps strengthen the proposal.

The interface to create proposals can be found at

Who is eligible to vote on a proposal?#

Eligible voters are:

  • BSDS stakers in Seignorage Shares
  • BSDS stakers in the LPs (BSDS/DAI and BSDS/USDC) in Shares Bank

If you hold BSDS in a wallet, or if you hold no BSDS, you are not eligible to vote.

What are the past proposals? What was the outcome?#

You can find all past proposals at